What does PERT do?

“In view of my weight loss it was suggested by a Specialist Nurse at Pancreatic Cancer UK that I may benefit from enzyme tablets. I started taking the capsules and noticed straightaway less discomfort on eating. My energy levels started to increase and I have very slowly started to gain some weight.”

Pancreatic cancer patient

PERT aims to mimic the normal physiology of pancreatic enzyme action. (1)

It can help manage the symptoms of PEI, such as weight loss, pain or diarrhoea. (2,3,4,5,6)

It can also help patients to cope better with treatments, such as chemotherapy or surgery. (5)

Managing these problems with diet and digestion can make a big difference to how your patients feel and their quality of life. (7,8,9,10,11)

PERT has also been associated with improved median survival across all people with pancreatic cancer – both those who are operable, and those who are inoperable. (5,12,13,14,15) And PERT is associated with improved survival even for people with advanced disease who are receiving no other active treatment. (12)

It’s also helpful to note that PERT is tolerated well and has limited side effects. (16,17,18)